Located on the Derbyshire / Cheshire Border

Charbonnel Ester

DOB: 17th August 2004

Charbonnel Dilys x Charbonnel Cappi

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Marivon Bracken

DOB: 2nd November 1988

First Edition x CH.Gainscliffe Renown

Awards: Res CC The Hound Show

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Stranwith Juniper At Marivon

DOB: 13th April 1988

Ch.Kilbourne Jade of Stranwith x CH.Stranwith Reason

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Stranwith Dahlia

DOB: 31st December 1985

Stranwith Novra x Shenval Druid

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First Edition

DOB: 15th April 1985

Alyrick Silken Iris x Ch.Karnak Silver Tiger

Awards: Res CC Border Counties Hound Assoc

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